Our structures


Gauss China Factory

Our factory in China was inaugurated in 2007, to better supply the demand for Gauss products both in the domestic and international markets.

With more than 19,000 square meters, it produces components that travel the world and help supply the more than 60 countries in which we operate.

Gauss Distribution Center Poland

Inaugurated in 2022, our distribution center in Poland has more than 1,900m2 and provides the necessary structure to further strengthen the distribution of our products to the markets in Europe, Africa and the Middle East.

Get know more about Gauss’s structure and logistical flow in the world.


Gauss Brazil Factory

Located in Curitiba (PR), our headquarters plant was built in the year 2000. Currently, it holds more than 4,400m2 built and 8,000m2 of total area.

Curitiba Logistics Complex

Inaugurated in 2022, this facility was integrated into our structure to assist in the inventory of products that leave our factories. Currently, it has more than 6,000m2.

Paraná Distribution Center

The current structure was inaugurated in 2017. With a greater capacity than the first one, it has more than 1,500m2 and stores products that are shipped to several states in Brazil.

São Paulo Distribution Center

Located in Jundiaí (SP), it was inaugurated in 2018 to serve the São Paulo state market in a more agile way. With more than 1,400m2, the structure helps greatly the supply of the largest Brazilian economic market.

Espírito Santo Distribution Center

Our newest distribution center is located at the city of Serra (ES). With more than 2,000m2, it assists in the distribution of our products to the North and Northeast Brazilian market.