A new era for Gauss: the manufacture of ignition coils now in Brazil.

Posted in: 25/08/2023 in Category General, Market, Products, Technology

Gauss, a manufacturer of automotive electronic components, announces a new stage in its history: the production, in Brazil, of its ignition coils sold in the aftermarket.

The new plant is located in an exclusive space within the current Gauss industrial park, which has more than 5,000 m² of production area and 12,000 m² of logistical support. Initially, around 100,000 units per month will be produced in 2023. For 2024, the plan is to double the amount, following the installation of more equipment, which the company has already acquired.

Manufactured by the company at its plant in China since 2016, these products will now count on the ‘Made in Brazil’ seal to serve not only the domestic market, but also the exports that Gauss makes to more than 50 countries around the world. Production will begin in September.

Claudio Doerzbacher, director of Gauss, explains the company’s strategy:

“For more than 15 years, we have had two factories – one in Brazil and the other in China – and we balance production by considering various factors: the cost and availability of components, the viability of the workforce, the market to which we are going to sell the parts, etc. In recent years, after the Labor Reform and other economic reforms, manufacturing some products in Brazil has become more competitive again, even with the recent appreciation of the real. Added to this are international geopolitical issues, which are causing customers in the United States and Europe to demand production alternatives from their suppliers that are not so concentrated in China. And with our global operations, we need to be well positioned for these new scenarios.”

“In recent times, Gauss has more than doubled the number of employees in Brazil, either by expanding our factory or by establishing three distribution centers in the country – the last one in Serra, Espírito Santo. This has been crucial to solidifying our growth in Brazil and in the international market. We are a Brazilian multinational, increasingly international and increasingly Brazilian,” adds the director.

Gauss is a manufacturer of automotive electrical and electronic parts, sold in the aftermarket. With more than 25 years of history, it is a brand that is present and cherished in the Brazilian market and in more than 50 countries. Its portfolio includes more than 6,500 SKUs, including voltage regulators and rectifier boards, fuel pumps and injectors, ignition coils and modules, various sensors, as well as light bulbs, horns, switches, resistors, electric fans etc.

See more about the new Gauss factory in this vídeo below