Position Sensor

Replaces: CNHi: 87527263

Application: NEW HOLLAND: CH7.70 E3, CH7.70 E5, CH7.70 L5, CX5.80 E4B, CX5.80 E5, CX580 E5 P, CX5.90 E4B, CX5.90 E5, CX5.90 E5 P, CX5.90 H4B, CX5.90 H5, CX5.90 H5 P, CX5.90 I3, CX5.90 I3 P, CX5.90 L4B, CX5.90 L5, CX5.90 L5 P, CX5080 E4, CX5080 E4B, CX5090 E4, CX5090 E4B, CX5090 H4, CX5090 H4B, CX5090 I3, CX5090 L4, CX5090 L4B, CX6.80 E4B, CX6.80 E5, CX6.80 E5 P, CX6.80 I3, CX6.80 I3 P, CX6.90 E4B, CX6.90 E5, CX6.90 E5 P, CX6.90 I3, CX6.90 I3 P, CX6.90 L4B, CX6.90 L5, CX6.90 L5 P, CX6080 E4, CX6080 E4B, CX6080 I3, CX6090 E3, CX6090 E4, CX6090 E4B, CX6090 L4, CX6090 L4B, FR450 E3, FR450 E4, FR450 I3, FR480 E4, FR480 E5, FR500 E3, FR500 E4, FR500 I3, FR550 E4, FR550 E5, FR600 E3, FR600 I3, FR 650 E2, FR650 E4, FR650 E5, FR700 E3, FR780 E2, FR780 E4, FR780 E5, FR850 E2, FR9040, FR 9050, FR9060, FR9080, FR9090, FR920 E4B, FR920 E5, TC4.90 E4, TC4.90 E4B, TC4.90 E5, TC4.90 I3, TC5.70 E4, TC5.70 E4B, TC5.70 E5, TC5.70 I3, TC5.80 E4, TC5.80 E4B, TC5.80 I3, TC5.90 E4, TC5.90 E4B, TC5.90 E5, TC5.90 H4B, TC5.90 H5, TC5.90 I3, TC5060 E4, TC5060 I3, TC5070 E4, TC5070 I3, TC5080 E4, TC5080 I3

Number of poles: 3

Gross weight (kg): 0,075

Box: Box with 1 unit

Box dimension (mm): 78 X 78 X 58

(HS) NCM: 9031.80.99

Bar code: 7899751954990


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