Fuel Pressure Sensor

Replaces: JOHN DEERE: RE538128

Application: JOHN DEERE: TRACTOR: 4045HL490, 4045HL495, 4045HL496, 4045HL497, 4045HT070, 5100MH, 550K, 6068HBM01, 6068HBM08, 6068HL490, 6068HL495, 6068HL497, 6068HL500, 6068HL530, 6068HL540, 6068HL550, 6068HT074, 6068HT080, 6068HT092, 6068RW201, 6068RW202, 6068RW204, 6068RW205, 6068RW209, 6068RW210, 6068RW401, 6068RW402, 6068RW403, 6068RW404, 6068RW405, 6068RW406, 6068RW407, 6068RW410, 6068RW411, 6068RW414, 6068RW415, 6068RW425, 6068RW426, 6068RW427, 6068RW428, 6068RW430, 6068RW431, 6068RW434, 6068RW435, 6068RW436, 6068RW438, 6068RW445, 6068RW446, 6068RW501, 6068RW502, 6090HT013, 6090HT019, 6090HT020, 6090MC, 6090RC, 6090RW231, 6090RW238, 6090RW239, 6090RW243, 6090RW244, 6090RW245, 6090RW246, 6090RW247, 6090RW301, 6090RW401, 6090RW402, 6090RW422, 6090RW423, 6090RW440, 6090RW441, 6090RW442, 6090RW443, 6090RW444, 6090RW445, 6090RW452, 6090RW453, 6090RW454, 6090RW455, 6090RW456, 6090RW457, 6090RW464, 6090RW465, 6090RW466, 6090RW467, 6090RW469, 6090RW477, 6090RW488, 6090RW489, 6090RW490, 6090RW491, 6090RW493, 6090RW503, 6100MC, 6100RC, 6105M, 6105R, 6110MC, 6110RC, 6115M, 6115R, 6125M, 6125R, 6130M, 6130R, 6140M, 6140R, 6150M, 6150R, 6150RH, 6170M, 6170R, 6190R, 6210R, 6230R, 6250R, 650K, 6R, 6R 230, 6R 2304, 6R 250, 700K, 7200J, 7200R, 7210R, 7215J, 7215R, 7230J, 7230R, 750K, 8245R, 8270R, 8295R, 8320RT, 8345RT, 8370RT, 850K, 850L, 950K, BACKHOE: 130G, 160GLC, 180GLC, 210GLC, 250GLC, 290GLC, 210K, 310K, 310L, 310SK, 310SK TC, 310SL, 315SL, 344K, 4045HBZ01, 4045HBZ02, 4045HDW56, 4045HDW58, 4045HFL92, 4045HT054, 4045HT063,4045HT066, 4045HT068, 4045HT069, 4045HT073, 4045HT085, 4045HT086, 4045TBZ01, 4045TBZ02, 4045TT096, 410K, 410K TC, 444K, 524K, 544K, 605K, 6068HDW78, 6068HDW84, 6068HDW85, 6068HT073, 6068HT079, 6068HT084, 6068HT086, 6068HT089, 624K, 644K, 655K, 710K, 755K, DUMP TRUCK: 260 P, 260E, 310 P, 310E, 460 P, 6090HDW26, 6090HDW43, 6135HDW21, REAPER: 1070E, 1170E, 6090HT805, 6090HT808, 6090HT809, 6068HTJ90, CH570, CH670, HARVESTER: 6068HZ481, 6068HZ483, 6068HZ490, T550, W540, W550, ENGINE: 4045, 6068, 4.5L, 4045HFC06, 4045HFC92, 4045HFC93, 4045HFC95, 4045HFG92, 4045HFG93, 4045HFK04, 4045HFL07, 4045HFL09, 4045HFL93, 4045HMC85, 4045HMC92, 6.8L, 6068HFC93, 6068HFC94, 6068HFC95, 6068HFG55, 6068HFG94, 6068HFG95, 6068HFS55, 6068HFU55, 6068HN077, 6090HDW18, 770G, 770GP SPRAYER: 4730, 6068HN057, 6068HN059, 6068HN060, 6068HN067, 6068HN068, 6068HN070, 6068HN071, 6068HN073, 6068HN074, 6068HNW02, 6068HNW04, 6068HNW05, 6068HNW08, 6068HNW10, M4030, M4040, MAF 4080, M4040DN, R4030, R4040I, R4050I, R4140I, R4150I, LOG LOADER: 1110E, 1210E, 1510E, 3154G, 3156G, 3754G, 3756G, 6068HTJ91, 6090HT014

Number of poles: 3

Gross weight (kg): 0,063

Box: Box with 1 unit

Box dimension (mm): 37 X 37 X 65

(HS) NCM: 9026.20.90

Bar code: 7899751955669


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