Ignition Coil Manufactured by Gauss

Posted in: 30/03/2017 in Category Products

Gauss Coils – how the best is done
In order to guarantee to our customers that our ignition coils will attend their highest expectations, Gauss follows some assumptions that assure the quality is in first place:
Raw material supplied by world-class companies and homologated by Gauss.
High-tech production equipment.
Accurate and reliable test systems.
Production line in a clean environment, controlled temperature and with filtered air.
Production process according to ISO standards.

Primary and secondary winding
High-precision, fully automated winding machines ensure perfect winding of the coil reels, as well as a 99.999% purity copper utilization and high quality insulation, bring the state of the art to Gauss coils.

Final assembly of the coils
The use of trained and skilled labor force as well as standardized assembling procedures are essential in the careful manufacturing process. On the other hand, the rigorous inspection and testing of the materials and parts that make up the product is considered vital to achieve the highest level of quality.
Process control, regular inspection during production, functional pre-tests on ALL parts before resin application ensure a 100% reliability level.

Resein application.
To ensure the most critical process in the manufacture of a coil, Gauss acquired the best for the resin application. Due to the fact of working with high voltage, (up to 30 thousand volts), the resining of the coil is not simple. Therefore, Gauss uses in the process, epoxy resin of first line, coming the best suppliers in the world and equipment of high productivity, fully automated, with high vacuum chamber, there is no manual contract and no possibility of contamination of the product. The result is a very high quality and reliability.

Final test
After the special care during inspection, manufacturing and testing, Gauss performs a last test in 100% of the produced products. In a system that simulate the real operation of the coil, important parameters such as output voltage, electrical resistances, impedances, inductances, leakage currents, etc., are checked before the product is approved.
Full quality and reliability is once again assured.