Strengthening our Global presence.

Posted in: 24/09/2020 in Category Market

The new and modern GAUSS Distribution Center in Göttingen, Germany, has been in operation since April of this year. The new CD is strategically located to meet the demands of European customers in an agile and efficient way. The commercial office and administrative headquarters are in the capital, Berlin.

This investment came from the Company’s understanding of the need to be closer to local customers and to be able to deliver more quickly. “Although Europe is made up of very open economies for foreign suppliers, customers there demand that the products be available in a much shorter time,” explained Afonso Borgonovo, partner at GAUSS.

“We are ready to meet the demand of the European market. We saw the need for expansion and managed to do it quickly with a flexible, more outsourced investment model, in which we were able to dedicate ourselves more to the business tools and to assembling the product mix ”, added Claudio Doerzbacher Jr, executive director of Company.

As an example of this, GAUSS entered into a partnership with Top Motive, supplier of a system of technical references and online catalog, which will speed up the service to these European customers, with precise information and a B2B trading platform (sale to companies). Doerzbacher also commented that this system will also be available to Brazilian customers soon.

Actions like this reinforce that GAUSS is constantly evolving, as recently presented in its new brand identity, at Automec this year.