The Evolution is Gauss

Posted in: 27/08/2019 in Category General

We have been striving for evolution constantly for over 20 years, bringing the changes that the market needs.

Dedicated to the automotive market with a focus on parts for electrical and electronic injection maintenance.

Evolution of quality.

Our quality is corroborated via rigorous testing and assured by the ISO 9001 certification.

Evolution of technology.

Gauss evolves with every passing day. Its technology for hybrid circuits in Brazilian manufacturing demonstrates its expertise in producing quality parts with the innovation that the market demands.

Evolution of the portfolio.

We offer products with proven quality and a complete portfolio with over 2000 items that have already earned the trust of users in more than 60 countries. We had 420 new releases just last year.

Evolution of our challenges.

We are the only company in our segment with its own plant in China and Distribution Center in Germany. This serious work contributes to a vast global presence, exporting all over the world.

Evolution for leadership.

With a prominent position among market leaders, Gauss produces and sells over 28 million parts per year. Leader in the Brazilian independent aftermarket segment for regulator and rectifier lines.

The evolution of those already living in the future.

We launched a line of motorcycle parts in 2017, with 10 product categories. We are constantly expanding this line.

We evolve on a daily basis with research and development products to meet our customers’ needs.

Because of all of this, evolution bears a name. Evolution is Gauss.